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Creating a Japanese Garden

My Road Trip to America Creating a Japanese Garden I am very lucky to have just come back from a road trip in America taking in the breathtaking scenery of the National Parks and visiting friends. One of our final destinations was Portland Oregon up on the West Coast...

Choosing a Composter

Whats In the Corner Of Your Garden? The Garden Compost Heap I wonder how many unused compost heaps there are in this world? Stuck in the far corner of your garden, full of weeds, slimy grass clippings and home to a few of the local rat population. Filling a compost...

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Garden Design Company

Ensuring You Get the Help You Need Using an Expert Company If your garden is in need of some TLC, the best way to help it is to hire a garden design company. They’re staffed by experts who know just what would work in your outdoor space, from plants to the decor....

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