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Purely Planting – Meadows

Due to the nature of intense farming native wildflower meadows are sadly on the decline. You don’t, however, need the odd spare field to create a meadow. Even  an area in a  small suburban  garden can be made into a mini meadow  and you will be amazed how much more insect life will be attracted to your garden. Meadows on a large scale need a lot of preparation but if they are done correctly you will be restoring natures balance, that has got to make you feel good! Some of the plants found in a wildflower meadow are as follows. Knapweed, Selfheal, Field Scabious, Cowslip, Birdsfoot Trefoil Yarrow and Betony.

Case Study

Wildflower Meadow, Hassocks, West Sussex

The clients wish was to have a native wildflower meadow at the end of their rather large garden. The existing site was 1.5 acres of grazing land, mainly couch grass. We initially sprayed the land with glphosphate to kill all of the vegetation then to reduce fertility further we did a topsoil scrape.Wildflowers prefer poor soils so reducing the amount soil really helps!

With some of the soil we sculpted some mounds which echo the shape of the South Downs in the distance.Once happy that all weeds were eradicated we then seeded the area this was done on a dry windless day in November. Over-wintering the seed helps break the dormancy of some of the perennial flowers. The result for the first year was a great success and we continue to manage the meadow as it establishes. 

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